How to make this texture

Hi all, i found this ref online, just curios how to make this texture(gradient)?
anyone can teach me, newbie here. TQ


Hi there @zaxchan!

There are many ways to do it, here’s a fast one:

Step 1 - Create a gradient


Step 2 - Use the smudge tool to create the spikes


Step 3 - Duplicate that and scale it down vertically, brighter values


Step 4 - Scale both textures horizontally


Step 5 - Duplicate them and make them tile


Step 6 - Polar Coordinates!


Step 7 - Gradient maps to adjust color

Step 8 - Take your time to play around with different shapes and colors!

Obviously that was a fast sketch so don’t take this as a production ready asset hahaha

Have a nice day!


During the copying over and making tile able step, it is useful to also introduce some variation as otherwise your resulting texture looks exactly mirrored, which is easy to spot and not super interesting, also, you’re using the texture space, so you might as well.

Yup, agree!

Just did this on a rush to point @zaxchan towards a simple and fast way to recreate it. :eyes:

thk you guys, i will try it later :slight_smile:


No problem! Glad to help.

Hi, you can ever draw this texture by hand, it’s the easiest way for me.

hi, i watch all of your tutorial, glad to see you reply me Xd haha
erm…for this topic, i know how to draw the shape. but i dont know how to blend the color(gradient) nicely.

It’s easy, just use inside shadow and glow.
And there is a bloom on your screenshot

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Man !! you’re so nice.
now i understand it. i know it a simple thing for all of you, but erm i just very beginner to fx artist. It help me a lot . TQ

Thanks a lot for this. I was able to create SD graph for itmuzzle_stylized_gif

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check this. japanese lanquage tutorial about how to make punch effect.

you need translator if u don’t know japanese

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Hey man thank alot :slight_smile: