How to make a water ball in unreal

Animation or Vextex Animation or Niagara or Shader
tool?? Houdini Blender or Other
I am very new to VFX.


I don’t know of this case exactly. But i Will Tell you what i would do (inside UE4): First make a water shader, i would use animated normal maps and maybe WPO (world position offset) to make vertex animations (to look more realistic). Bring It to cascade or Niagara, emitters data type would be a mesh (in this case a sphere), spawn rate Burst 1 with long lifetime. Then add these water drops.

There are some tutorials around the internet of How to make water shaders (realistic and stylized).

And maybe not even move to cascade, just add this material to a sphere mesh and spawn it. Maybe as a projectile for example. One thing that you must know is that you don’t need exactly a tool like cascade or Niagara to created Visual effects. They could be a simple mesh with a shader


Hi Xsaxin,

for the deformation you could try out, soemthing like that…



Indeed a combination of a mesh with vertex offset and some dripping mesh particles would do the trick, the though part might be to blend the 2 parts together.

Btw keep in mind that HYT (the author) vfx are not in realtime, he uses 3Dsmax/Fumefx simulations (plus some Post production in AE), that being said his VFX are amazing anyway.

If you want that dripping effect I would start with a looping Vertex Animation Texture or even an alembic file. Like that, there are 48 frames could probably even less.


And then combine that with a similar vertex Shader (showed from @yunus) in Engine.