How to make a great VR VFX showreel


VR VFX displayed on a 2d monitor is not the same as viewing them in VR with a HMD (head mounted display)

Let’s discuss how to create a VFX showreel that suits the VR medium

Is a 2d showreel video enough?
Should a reel be recorded in full stereo video for offline HMD broadcasting? Is this even possible?

I haven’t worked with VR, so YMMV, but my reasoning is as follows: VFX artists in general are fairly niche, realtime VFX artists even more so, and realtime VR VFX artists are… let’s just say very uncommon, comparatively speaking. Employers don’t have the luxury to be needlessly picky in this specific circumstance, at least not when it comes to submission materials.

I have a hard time believing that a normal video isn’t enough to at least get a conversation started. Maybe you could create a VR VFX showcase scene that you could send to an employer, but that would only be relevant at a later stage in the hiring process.

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Im doing a research at the Uni about “Real-Time VR Presentation”.
I would love if someone would like to help me out or join my process. I will document it all, so of cource you all will benefit from it :smirk:
(My Uni has all the tracking cameras and technology that needed, I just need to make it work).
The Desired Result:

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It’s hard enough to capture video from VR as is. There is very little that (so far) is special about vfx in VR, so there is very little reason to show it in the medium. I doubt there are any studios out there that will even have a setup to look at work in vr, and if there is someone looking to hire a “VR specific vfx artist” then imo that is the same as someone looking to fill an entry level position asking for a minimum of 5 years experience. Just capture good clean video of your work, and your resume and the interview should fill in any holes or answer any questions.

The upside of capturing 360 video of effects however, is that you can fill a room with different vfx and the viewer can look around. More room to show off more stuff much quicker.