How to make a dynamic numbers material using flipbook/sprites? in Unreal Engine


As the title says, I’d like something where I can input my own texture/font sheet and get the numbers. Sort of like a flipbook except it’s not animated and it’s numbers. Any UV wizards who know how to do it? I’ve seen it done before but not sure how to do it myself. Please help if you know!

Thank you!

Hey there,
If you want to create a dynamic numbers material using flipbook/sprites you can use following steps:

  1. Prepare a texture or font sheet that includes all the numbers you need.
  2. Use UV mapping to select the appropriate number from the texture sheet. Each number will have its own UV coordinates.
  3. In your graphics software (like Unreal Engine or Unity), create a shader or material that allows you to input a number and dynamically adjust the UV coordinates to display the corresponding number.
  4. Implement a system where you can input the desired number, and the shader adjusts the UVs to show that number.
    If you follow these steps then you can definitely create what you are looking for.
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Hi Abin, thanks for the reply, yeah you’re def correct but I’m more looking for the “how” to achieve those steps you know

hello again,

  • Prepare Texture Sheet: Create an image with all the numbers you need arranged in a grid.
  • UV Mapping: Assign each number on the texture sheet a specific area (UV coordinates).
  • Shader/Material Creation: Make a shader or material in your game engine that can take a number as input.
  • UV Adjustment: When the number changes, adjust the UV coordinates in the shader to display the corresponding number.
  • By following these steps, you can create dynamic numbers using flipbook/sprites in your project.