How to get all these Color Values with one texture?!

This is Lucie Travaux’s work (link:
I fell in love the moment I saw it :heart_eyes:
…and now I want to try something similar :yum:

Painted a texture but I’m clueless on how to get all those color values in one texture. I mean, she has everything in there! From light orange to dark orange-reddish. Plus it seems to be 100% opaque, which is something I want too. I tried everything under Transparent (Add, Alpha, Premult and Mult) and Opaque too and the results are far from what I want :cry:

This is where I am right now (just started!)

This is my texture:

Maybe there is something wrong with my texture or how I’m wiring things? I imagine I gotta explore more values but wanted to see how this would look like before going deeper on this texture.

Lot to do, but want to get colors right first!

If you have other tips in mind, please drop it here! Any tips are appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


If you look at their texture in grayscale (I used Desaturate filter in Krita with a Min method, because I’m assuming there is some bloom going on and this results in a much nicer gradient).

Anyway, as you can see there is a smooth gradient from white to black

That black and white gradient can be used to sample a colour gradient (I think it’s referred to as LUT as well?)

This gradient tex ends up looking like this when using your texture


And that’s with a part of the grayscale image from Travaux’s work

Colour on the material is White with intensity of 1 to get some bloom going

The gradient can be sampled like this, I use a grayscale value from green channel as my UV.X to sample the horizontal gradient.

I re-read your post and I missed the part where you said you will put more detail on the texture later so you can ignore the first part about smooth transition between the values =3=

Hope that helps ;w;

Alsooo, if you want it to be in one texture you can do the same thing in whatever software you use to paint textures. In krita you can just:
Right Click on the layer → Add → Add Filter Mask…

Map → Gradient Map

Do keep in mind that if you want the bloom to pop in the engine you’ll have to increase the brightness so you could probably make those colours a bit darker here.


Indeed it’s much more noticeable in this B&W image over the original one. I get it now!
And yeah, I think it’a also referred to as LUT. I remember people referring to that in another post I made months ago.

:star_struck: I already see the potential, but I gotta work a bit more on it so it has nice color variations spread out the whole texture.

I saw your reply like 10 mins after you posted. It was almost 6am in Brazil in that day and this gradient thing got me really excited, almost got off bed instantly hahahaha. Though this weekend has been…turbulent and I still didn’t have the time to sit and try it myself. :weary:
Hope I’ll manage to do something tonight!

Many thanks, Rensei!

PS: I plan on coming over to bother you again, ok? :rofl:


Oh yeah ofc, its fun


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Heey I finally started messing with it. Had some huge stuff happening last weekend and couldn’t really sit down and try all that. I was really eager to try that :star_struck:

Let me see if I got it right:

I have to make an actual gradient texture in Krita or Photoshop (for example) and then I export it to Unity [?]

On the shader, I set it up like you did here:

This is Amplify Shader, right? I’m using Shader Graph. Do you know the equivalent wiring?
That’s how I’m wiring things up:

For some reason I can’t get the textures to properly show up on the node’s preview

I think I didn’t get things right hehe. Check out the results:

Opaque Surface Type:

Transparent Surface Type and the variations within:

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Hmmh, it’s almost correct, I think!


Replace that ‘Add’ node with Combine, like this:
(because you want to make a new UV technically, so you need 2 channels.
It ends up being RG = gradient UV
Plus, that 0.5 makes sure we sample in the middle of the gradient)

Should end up looking like this-ish:

And dw, glad you managed to get back to it! I’m so excited to see the progress :fire:

Yooo just sat again and I’m experimenting a bit more.

Rewired things like so:

And the results are still… ç_ç’






I made the Gradient Texture in Photoshop using the Gradient Tool, like in the following Gif:

Then I export it as a .PNG

This is the Texture:

Maybe I’m overlooking something?

Oh myyy, I think I realized what the problem is!

The texture I’m using is just a texture made with White Values ranging from Full opacity to Low opacity, meaning there aren’t any Grey/Black values on it!

I had the misconception that the Gradient colors would be fed into these White values based on the opacity level alone. Actually, it has to have dark values on it - I just got that, took me so long hahaha :hot_face: :flushed:

I was randomly experimenting with all textures I have on my project and, when I tried some noise textures, I noticed it did color it using the Fire Gradient I fed in.

For a quick and dirty test, I just multiplied a random noise * my Texture so it has some dark values blended on it, here is the result:

So is that really it or is there something else that I’m not getting?

It’s bed time now :sleepy:
I was experimenting on that - watching videos, reading stuff, rewiring my shader over and over for the past 6 hours or so. I’ll work on the texture tomorrow so It has a nice color variation :star_struck:

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Ahh, that explains it, I should have noticed that sooner. That also explains why your preview in Shader Graph was completely white.

You can still use the same texture if you wanna test it, just use Alpha channel instead of R when sampling the gradient.

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Hi there, I know Lucie Travaux personally (we did our school together for several years ^^). I just sent her this discussion directly, maybe she’ll have time to give you some quicktips and feedbacks (nothing sure, I know she’s quite busy).
Cheers and good luck with your work :slight_smile:

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Ohhh that would be awesome indeed :star_struck:

I left her a comment on Art Station hoping she would reply…someday haha, but I assumed it would take a while and that’s ok. There are no urgent matters, but would be cool if she showed up :smile:

Meanwhile, @Rensei -sensei is being formidable in helping me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for coming over and lending a hand, M0okA :pray:

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Naaah don’t worry. I think it is something hard to spot, specially because it seems obvious (now that I know haha). I think I would have never thought of this if I was teaching someone how to do that, and it would never come to me to ask “Hey, does your texture have dark values on it, or just low opacity white?!”

I experiment tons of wirings, but not this one :rofl:

I’ll work more on it later tonight! :facepunch:
Thanks for everything, it means a lot :slight_smile:

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