How to create realistic water texture or animation?



Hi everyone! I’m doing an asset of magical circles of different elements for the Asset store and I encountered such a problem that I don’t know how to make a beautiful animation or water texture. I need water for this special effect:
I use texture I created in AAF, but it looks ugly(
Please, can you advise how to make the water texture?


Another my magic circles:



Hi everyone, I already found a solution!)
I use Mir plugin in After Effects to simulate water moving from image.


Are you drawing your rune circles in a program like photoshop? A lot of cool diversity going on there :slight_smile:


Hi, I use Krita and then photoshop. Krita allows to paint in 4 directions from the center.


You can paint radially in Photoshop as well


Wow! I didn’t know! It remains to use Krita for me only for repeating textures.