How to create Holographic wrapping effect

I’m breaking my head on this one. Does anyone have any ideas on how they would approach creating this holographic wrapping effect?

You can see a webGL example created by Binkies3D here Binkies product demo

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It looks like it’s using a Fresnel to lerp between a small flash and a large flash based on the camera angle.

I wrote about something similar in a blog post where I used that technique to make some eyes that become a face when you look at it at a certain angle.
Scroll down to number 7 it should be what you need:

Hi Richard, Thanks for getting back to me.

That is an interesting approach, however, I m still not 100% the fresnel is the way to go :thinking: I’m going to give it a try and see how far I get.

Thanks again :fist_right: