How to create crack model with animation?

Hi, I need to create crack like this or something similar and export it to Unity. I can use Blender(prefer) or 3D Max.
Yes, I have already create it, but every part has it’s own animation and I don’t know what to do :frowning:

How can I make a crack using just one model and 1 animation or several models with one animation?
All because I want to use animation instead of physics.

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Not sure about blender & / or Unity, but for stuff like this I would make sure every element is parented to a single root bone (which can be an empty)

If you’re using FBX format then the hierarchy should be enough.

I tried both options, it seems I’m doing something wrong. I guess I’m doing the wrong animation using physics.

[Solved!] The problem appeared while exporting .fbx using fbx 7.4 binary.
All is fine with this settings
image image
And tutorial: