How to create a water splash flipbook?

Does anyone know of a program that can help me generate a flipbook of a water splash?

Or any place where I can get a free water plash flipbook similar to this image?

With EmberGen you could get this result? I’ve heard about the program but as far as I know I’ve only seen fire and explosion stuff.

JangaFX currently has an alpha or beta version of liquidgen where it’s specifically used for liquid & water, although it’s so early stages, its not used much. To get any kind of splash, if its for stylised people tend to hand draw them, or make a stylised shader and fake the splash with a masked dissolve. For realistic it can be a bit more tricky but usually you’d use meshes with a water shader…again that probably dissolves.


Hey Ryku!
So you could do it with everything that has some kind of liquid sim and a camera to render. Houdini is pretty famous to use for that, as you have the possibility to get a lot of textures with after setting it up once and just tweaking parameters (and automate it or create VATs if needed). Ivan already linked a tutorial to that.
But you could also get solid results with Blender or even with Unreal Engine 5, as they have introduced the Niagara Flipbook Baker.

Another alternative is: hand painting them. I like to do it to get more control of the shape. Incidentally, there is a nice chill tutorial by JangaFX showing how one can do that in photoshop: UE4 VFX For Games - How to create blood textures, shaders and particles! - YouTube