How to create a substitution vfx in After Effects

Hey, I recently got into vfx and I’m wondering how to create such substitution effect from the anime Naruto using After Effects.
Does anybody know anything about that, I couldn’t find any tutorials on YouTube related to that topic.giphy

You’d would probably get better help in an after effects forum. We deal with game vfx so our advice would probably be a bit off.


Oh I’m sorry, I don’t know how to even navigate through the website since it’s my first time here.
How can I get to the After Effects section for better advice?

He meant different forum
I’d think CGtalk / CGsociety has an extensive AffterEffects user base …but i’ve never used that section before

This site is specialized for real-time VFX; techniques/software discussed here have a great deal of computational conservation in mind, it won’t suite your needs efficiently.

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