How to blend elements of effect like this example?

Recently saw this on twitter and was blown away:

A lot of fun stuff going on. But my main question was how he might have blended the elements of the ball. If I were to guess it’s a couple of meshes and particles. I just don’t know how those elements blend together to create that nice organic glowy shape in the center. Special shader? A light?

Here’s an image of what I mean:

Just some more snapshots if it helps, or you just want to enjoy looking at :slight_smile:


Using additive material and color it light blue. When they intersects the particles/meshes turn whiter.

The blue (3rd image top is not correct). Its more like the middle top image. Combination of meshes, particles. With that comes overdraw but if not used all the time its acceptable.

Thanks. I had started with additive but wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. But after reading your comment and giving it another go I think I’m landing on something. At least the way I’m doing it, the trick is an additive shader that also receives light. Putting a point light in the center of it all helps to blur/bloom those hard edges I was getting with an unlit additive shader.

There’s a lot left to be desired in what I made, especially the textures I threw together, but I think I’m on the right path.

Don’t use particles that receive light for this one, sounds to complex and possibly heavy.

Use a radial additive texture and you should get a better result.

Simplify those texture shapes, make them straight, all explosions basically go outward, everything must follow this

add that hollow circle gradient and you should have most components like your reference.

Good call on the radial texture. If I can do anything it’s make things as heavy and complex as possible. You’re also right about straightening the texture. Thanks again for the feedback. I plan on doing more work on the textures, timing, and adding more elements, but here’s an update:


This will just be adjusting your color values as they all stack up. Sorting order will matter on this as well, so you have elements that draw on top instead of getting lost behind stuff