How much knowledge about 3D modeling a VFX need to have?

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I’m studying the basics of Unreal Engine and Houdini, so I can start to create VFX for games, but today I stumbled on this question: How much knowledge about 3D modeling a VFX need to have? :thinking:

I know it’s important to have some knowledge about 3D modeling in order to create specific shapes and adjust their UVs properly, but do I need to know how to model complex geometry like characters or environments?

Thanks in advance!


Someone more experienced prob should correct me if I’m wrong.

Though in my case I usually were totally fine with knowing basics and being able to create either simple shapes or modify existing if I need to adjust UVs or something. If there was something more complex like a character with rig to do for a game, then I was just letting know my producer or 3D artists and they were taking care of it. So, so far I didn’t need any advanced knowledge, but it might differ across the studios


Of course you need to grasp the basic of creating simple shapes in modeling software of your choice like arch, helix, etc. Once you get the basic done, the more procedural and mathematical in manipulating vertices, normals and UVs in Unreal Engine the better for your future career.

But no, an VFX artist, technical or not, would never be told to handle character or environment modeling, not from scratch at least. You might be asked to reduce the vertex count of a complex mesh thrown at you by your colleague or client which needs to be used in the particle effect, but that’s all.

As for Houdini, I recommend reading the reply of this thread.