How much do a vfx artist cost?

This is a good question for those who wants to hire vfx artists and wants to know the average price of a vfx artist.

I assume it depends on the type of work and the experience level of the vfx artist.
For freelance my guess would be between 20 and 100 bucks / hour (in the EU).

How long does a VFX artist takes for a VFX to have it done?

VFX is a very complicated discipline, it’s impossible to make a general call on this.
So the answer is again: it highly depends on the type of effect. What style, what’s the complexity, duration of the effect, what engine, how does it need to be integrated etc. etc.

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Usually most experienced artists take less time to create and finish effects, but obviously their rates are higher!

It kinda depends a lot on the scope of the project, the allocated budget the client has for that specific role, deadlines, and so on :blush:

Do most VFXs get done in an hour tho?

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I’m guessing unique kind of style of VFX will take longer due to how long it will take to produce the concept.

I’ve spend a few weeks on a single stylized effect. I’ve also done effects in a few minutes. So it’s going to depend on a lot of things.

I’d say if you want specifics, you need to be specific. For example, post a video of the type of effects you’re looking for, type of game… and I imagine it’ll atleast give people something to go off of (even then, price will vary widely) :sweat_smile:


I would never estimate an effect under at least half a day.
My freelance rate starts at 95$/h.

So something simple like a campfire would be quick and cheap at 400$ or so.
If you want something complex like a destruction sequence with simulations, unique textures, materials etc we are looking at a couple of weeks worth so around 7500$
If you are after effects for an E3 moment you are looking at a couple of months, which might net you a discount for long projects leaving you in the ballpark of 20 - 40 K.

So it will vary a lot.