How does one best improve its sketching and drawing skills

As the title says, i’m wanting to improve more on my drawing and sketching abilities.
My reasoning behind this is, that becoming better in it would help with making textures and such, and also with explaining one’s vision of something to someone else.
I start seeing it more or less as abit of a “not exactly mandatory, but highly advised” kind of thing to be good at.

I have already looked around on myself abit ofcourse, and i started picking up Photoshop and Animate (with @Keyserito’s tutorials) . (I’m still (s)lacking in finding some decent photoshop ones that would benefit texture making)
Aside from that have i also purchased the book call’d; ‘Elemental Magic, Volume I: The Art of Special Effects Animation’, which i see alot of ppl recommend on forums, and thus far have really been enjoying the read (not far into it yet tho just received it).

My other question is that if picking up/practicing sketching with just regular pencil and paper is worth the effort?

In short or TL;DR,
Looking to improve on sketching/drawing, got any tips or tricks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to shoot me some questions, as this whole read could perhaps be abit confusing with my level of english grammar xD

Edit; just as a clarification, I’m fairly new in this whole VFX thing, but am dedicated and willing to put alot of time and effort into improving at a decent rate.

I think this comic has a good explanation of the process:


(Disclaimer: I suck at drawing)


I will like to learn about tips in the shapes and colors, i suck at drawing 2 but i’m trying to improve my skills and i dont have any idea besides “draw”.

As far as shapes go, i really like this tutorial from Keyserito,
Even though the main focus is in flash, i imagine that this particular vid bout shape’s apply to almost everything.

(correct me if im wrong though)


If you post a link to some of your work it will be easier for people to give directed advice towards what you can improve on.

In a general sense though Andreas is right, any kind of drawing helps give you experience.

drawing skill has two components

  1. ability to create with your hand(s)
  2. ability to critique with your eye

in general you learn (1) hold a pencil and draw a line or circle (ellipse) relatively easily,
the 2nd phase is where most training will come in.

Because the human brain is most sensitive to the recognition of a particular human face training of ones ability to see, that is : critical proportion, comes from the ability to re-create a human likeness. If you can draw a self portrait and it looks like you, you have learned to see. Anatomy and posture will come from figure drawing. however, drawing naked people (or semi naked) really only makes you good at drawing people, so you still need to practice cartoons, vehicles, landscapes, robots… w/e you want to specialize in. (vfx lightning bolts, flames, water etc…)

Pick one thing to focus on and draw it, constantly, sprinkle in the figures/faces.
head, hands and feet is also a discipline taught on it’s own, (like animal drawing) each can be worked on with great emphasis.

The same is going to be true with water,fire and abstracting or representing it’s motion for VFX

sorry for length
tl:dr start by sketching people, get a figure drawing book, study(copy) classical masters e.g. renaissance is a good start

post 3-4 of your best sketches so we can assess where you need to focus


Haha, thanks for the tips and vid ;D

Wish i had some work to post here, but sadly im a total beginner at the drawing/sketching world.
So only stickfigures for now :stuck_out_tongue: which was the reason i wanted to improve in the first place ^^

when i’ve practised abit, ill be sure to show some!