How do you make textures?

I am having hard time creating source textures for my fx. how do you create source textures? for smoke especially, do you hand-paint them? or do you use programs like aftereffects? I wanted to create smoke effect like senna’s skills from LoL, but had no idea what textures to use.

Here’s a whole thread on getting started with vfx.

In this thread you can find information on making textures like the ones in League of Legends.

There’s many more threads with information on texture drawing, I’m sure you’ll come across them as you browse through the site.


If it’s specifically smoke textures that you are interested in - I’ve written some approaches to create these here: Smoke spirte sheet - #4 by LudeosShaft


thank you for these informations! surely will check them out

Thank you for reply! handpainting a smoke is just soo hard…:sob:

smoke can be pretty easy if you have the right brushes in your art program and have a graphics tablet. I used krita downloaded a pack of cloud brushes and made a dozen cloud/smoke textures in a couple minutes. it doesn’t require artistic talent as you don’t have to draw anything, just random scribbling.

tiling the texture is pretty easy if you use krita since you can just press the ‘w’ key to turn on the wrap feature and anything you draw will be tilable.

I also use substance designer but it’s not necessary for smoke.

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