How do you allow cameras to trigger volumes?

Hey guys,

I’m coming close to wrapping up a VFX. However I wanted to create a VFX that contains a trigger volume that is easy enough to set up with a player character however I wish to render this out using Unreals sequencer. Using the cameras they provide I am unable to get the trigger volume to work while using the camera even after enabling ‘Generate Overlap Events During Level Streaming’
I have played around with numerous other settings and I am still unable to get the CineCameraActor to trigger the volume. Does anyone have a way around this?


P.S - The reason I am using Sequencer cameras is due to the limitations in my computers power so I am unable to do a real-time capture and instead have opted to render out an image sequence.

If you are using sequencer to animate your camera why not just trigger things using sequencer events? You can send those events to the level blueprint and basically trigger the same things the volume would trigger.