How do I make this material/particle work?

Hello, everyone! I was trying to make Angel wings (like tyrael, or the angels from diablo 3) 12345431

Its a curved line that moves up and down (tileable) and I wanted to make the material dynamic, so in the particle editor I could make it burst, and appear (it would start non existant in the back of the character, then it would grow to its full extent) but I’m having a lot of trouble creating that in the material editor

Could you guys please point me in the right direction? Any kind of help, any direction, as I’m completely lost.
This is a real short video of how the material looks :

Thank you for reading!

@simonschreibt has a cool article on his site with Diablo 3 wings breakdown. Take a look, it might help you :slight_smile:.


That’s the one I’m following! it is AMAZING, but it doesn’t include what I’m trying to do :frowning:

Thank you for the reply!

go to the part thats “fade texture in from top to bottom” (vertical) and after you learn how its done, you can also apply it horizontally.

That does it, Thank you so much, Luos!