How do I have to unwrap this mesh to create a scrolling effect?

Hi guys,

I am currently trying to learn some 3D VFX and I am stuck with the part of UV-Unwrapping. I’m really new to blender and just created a pretty basic shape. Basically, I want to create a scrolling texture and it should start in the middle/core of the mesh and then move outwards.

How can I unwrap the mesh in order to create the right UVs for this?

You want to unwrap the sphere like a cylinder. By itself blender won’t unwrap the sphere nicely when using “cylinder projection” but you can get around that by creating a default cylinder and deforming it into a sphere.

In this case I used a shrinkwrap modifier to do this, but there are probably many ways to do that:

Auto generate UVs?

Or mark one side and use UV Squares GitHub - Radivarig/UvSquares: Blender addon for reshaping UV selection into grid.

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Going with a sphere with auto generated UVs worked well, thank you!