How do I get this shattered glass movement? UE5 [Solved]

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The gif is from UEFN. This niagara system is made using one mesh (single fbx) but somehow it has this suction movement where all the pieces seemingly move independently. Some vert color tricks?

Help is appreciated, thank you!
Btw, the mesh looks like this when exported…hopefully this might help!

It can be a vertex shader moving these model parts to 0 (if it’s one model). Or it can be velocity from point with minus values in case of separate models.

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Oof that’s really close, kinda halfway there. I’m looking for a way to move the pieces apart from each other.

Anyway thanks for the help!

Alright Solved! this tutorial series from Okari was the way! Pivot baking is what it was, pivot painter does the same thing as well