How do I get color over life not to affect entire mesh




I’m trying to recreate an aura effect that is similar to this in ue4 but whenever I add points to change my color over life, it is changing the color of the whole mesh instead of transitioning into different colors like in the gif.
Was there something more done to the material besides panning two textures and multiplying them with a particle color?


You would want to multiply your panning textures with gradient texture or color curve in material to get this effect on a mesh. Color over lifetime takes lifetime as input just like in name so naturally it will change whole color of mesh/particle not a part of it.


What @Gimil said works. Additionally you could also use a lerp.


Thanks your suggestion worked perfectly, I greatly appreciate that you even included the gradient. :grin:


You’re right, I completely forgot about lerping between two colors. Thanks, I have to try this with another effect.