How did he do this?

hi guys,

i found these two videos and i have no idea how this was filmed/edited can someone teach me?

its too big to upload his name is 3dfiti on tiktok

here is the downloaded video

thanks :slight_smile:

The first video looks like it’s 2 shots: first, fully CG (using photogrammetry or NeRF) with a CG object, probably animated Clip Modifier or something similar. Second shot (starts when he snaps the object off the printer bed) is straight from camera.

Not 100% sure about the second video but it’s probably done using the exact same techniques (notice the smooth 3d model of the hat that turns into an obviously 3d printed one) Hope this makes sense!

Thanks a lot!!! Im not entirely shore about how to make it but i will try :slight_smile:

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