How Chinese and Korean students study RealTimeVFX

Hello everyone!
I have a question for artists who are active in China and Korea.

I often see students showing their Real Time VFX portfolios on Youtube, etc.
And they are of great quality.

I am self-taught, but do they learn the techniques from their teachers in school?
If so, is it possible to learn it on the internet?
I would like to enroll in a school, if there is one, to further hone my skills.

If you have any information about schools or study methods, I would be very happy to hear from you!

Being a Chinese working in Japan game industry myself I have never taken any such courses, I do have heard about these courses and watched their YouTube portfolio videos which many of them can be rated as “job-ready” quality. They are mostly online courses and the tutors claim to be working/worked in the game industry for decades. Being online courses means that their certificates would hardly be recognized by any human resources in the big companies, if they ever issue one.

I do not know anything about Korea, but given the highly standardized game development pipeline and the similarity with Japan, I imagine there are indeed vocational schools with game vfx courses, just like those in Japan. Game development studios in Japan do seek fresh graduates from these schools, so this is highly the case in Korea as well. Because many Korean vfx portfolio include the “courtesy” 3DS MAX vfx section at the end of the videos (which is pretty pointless I have to say), they give me a very strong impression that they are indeed from the same vocational school.

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Most Koreans go to academies or take paid online lectures after graduating from college or high school

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I’m making effects in Korea.

At first, I took a paid lecture. After that, I referred to the concept references a lot in Pinterest and artstation, and compared and copied the actual in-game effects.

After that, I think I grew by creating one by one.
(There are only one or two universities and two or three famous academies.)

If you look at YouTube now, there are many better tutorials than the paid lectures I started. I don’t recommend spending money on Euro lectures…

However, since the effector is also an artist in the end, I think it is important to develop artist eyes by referring to more movies and games.

(PS. For your information, I know that related communities and academies in China are quite active.)

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