How can make this effect? niagara or cascade

I want to make an effect that makes the dark part come forward

this game is zenless zone zero, mihoyo

1:18 second

Not quite sure if I understand you correctly.
If you just wanted to re-create the snapshot show above, you can just do this with a texture on a particle-sprite.
If you pack the black part into one channel e.g. Red. And then the white part into another channel, e.g. Green, you can just blend between the two quite easily in the shader. The wite part you make highly emissive, the black part not at all.

Thanks comment!!
I wanted to know how to get the alpha channel forward in the middle of the cross
This hit effect looks three-dimensional from different angles

It is 3D!
You can use an inverted hull technique for that:
-inner star has black color
-outer star has inverted normals and a white color
(you can use either 1 or multiple mats)

thanks comment!!
I think that method can be applied in various ways. Thank you for letting me know the new method.