How can i make projectile without mesh?

um…before I ask a question, I want to say that i’m not good at English

I’m using unity, I wanna make a simple projectile as int the example below

can I maek this without mesh and shader?

Maybe this will help, it doesn’t require a mesh: Unity Shader Graph - Stylized Trails Tutorial - YouTube
Without a shader it would be hard as shaders are base for VFX

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thank you for your answer!!

There are many things I don’t know because I just started studying vfx, when should I start studying shader? Is it better to learn what items are in Shuriken and study Shader right away?

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I guess you can start of with Shuriken at first and if you need a shader then get it from tutorials and when you get used to shuriken itself then you could try to understand shaders more.

Most shaders in VFX are actually not that complicated: main texture (can be couple textures, colors, tiling offset), mask (texture, tiling, offset), distortion (texture, tiling, offset).
But you will understand that later on :slight_smile: no need to rush

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thank you so much!!
I;ll start studying shader

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