How can I make distorion shader with ASE

I wanna make this with ASE

I tried countless times but couldn’t find the answer
This works for 3d objects, but not for particles


I suspect normal from height uses ddxy or similar to get the normal. That might not give a good clean normal / offset vector. Try inputting a regular normal map to confirm that as a first step.
Next to solve this… maybe getting a few samples of normal from height and blending them together could make it smoother.
Or best would be to find a better way to calculate the offset vector. Instead of going the additional way over the distance node you can probably input object position.xy + offset directly into a sin node and use that.
Odd that it works out of the box in SG and not in amplify though.
Is your ripple strength super high by any chance?
Are you using URP and do you have downsample opaque texture activated in the urp settings asset?