How Can I Go About Making Something Like This?


Hi I wanna make creature in that art style for a mobile game but i have no idea where to begin as i dont unerstand what style or program i could use to achieve this any help would be greatly appreciated.
And im fairy new so bare with me please.

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I think you should distinguish between what is the character and which vfx are used.
If you really just want to know how to achieve these vfx there are around 4 main elements:

  1. the electricity (which can be made by making a flipbook animation with about 3x3 frames)
    // same can be done with a fire flipbook for the feet
  2. the small impacts on the chest, and tails (just impacts so increase size overtime)
  3. the flames on the wings (with a mesh that could be part of the model animation you can move a firey texture shader which will do the trick)
  4. the fire on his head is a pin like mesh you can parent on the head (and move a similar fire shader on)

I think that will do the trick :slight_smile:

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thanks a bunch ill go ahead give them a try

To create the creature you will need to learn how to make 3D models. There are lots of softwares empowered with the necessary tools to achieve this, them being Blender (which is free) Maya, 3Ds Max, Zbrush (they have a free and less powerful version called Sculptris, iirc). You will most likely want to paint it in a software similar to Substance Painter (I think) and the VFX can be done inside the engine of the project if it has a built in VFX editor.

Are you just starting? This is a pretty ambitious project for a starter.

im not new to modeling in blender but i am completly new to VFX. Yeah youre right this does seem like an ambitious project but it will bug me more if i dont do it. if there is anything you can suggest like where to start or what to watch it would be really helpful.

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thanks man i dont really use unity and mainly focus on unreal engine and blender but ill give it a try thanks

Gabriel Aguiar has a good course for Unreal’s Niagara particle editor, check it out!

He also has 4 other courses, but they are all for Unity. But once you get the hang of it, you can transfer all the knowledge from one to another. They are essentially the same.

This course is a great place to start, but you will also find tons of good tutorials on youtube too.

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thanks im gonna go ahead and buy it and also go reasearch more on youtube. i really appreciate your help.