How can I fix obvious edges on brightened texture?

I’m using a lightning flipbook texture, and when I brighten it enough, it becomes obvious that there is an edge to the texture. Is there a way I can blur the edges, or something else that could fix it?

You can check the textures with the offset in photoshop.

Imo you should disable that glow and go with the black/white texture without any glow. You’re using particle system as I see, so create material with emissive output, take a scale color inside the particle update and boost the color by 100/150 value - it’s even too crazy, but you will achive bloom from the particle system in that way.

But it looks like you’re using masked shading?
it’s not full transparent so bloom from the textures wouldn’t work with masked materials

I’m guessing that you’ve made your texture looking less bright than that, but you’ve increased the brightness over a value of 1 in Unreal.

This will increase the brightness, but it will also reveal any issues with the image being cropped by the edges of the texture.

I’m guessing your image looks something like this:

In order to avoid this, I will make a new Adjustment layer in photoshop, then I will crank the white pin all the way down. It will reveal anywhere that your glow in photoshop actually touches the edge of your texture. You can toggle visibility off before you export after you fix anything

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To illustrate intuitively I made two similar texs, the first one is urs, half of the gap between tex edge and the bright dot was filled gray.

and the second one looks much better, bright part will never come close to the tex edge even if u add additive style.