How can I create multiple ribbon trails using spawn from other emitter?

I had a similar issue a while ago, but I wanted to use sprites to form trails, I want to know how to use ribbons to add trails to individual particles without the ribbons all interlocking together. Keep in mind I want to use spawn from other emitter instead of a location event, because the I cant find a way to interpolate the location of the parent particle to prevent choppyness with ribbons (Let me know if there is a way to). I want to make something like in this image but with ribbons instead of sprites:

Hello, I don’t have my engine available to take screenshots, sry for that.
A quick idea : inside the “Sample from Other Emitter” module that come with the “Spawn from Other Emitter”, there is a parameter that let you apply the source particle Niagara ID directly as Ribbon ID.
Look all the way to the bottom of the module, you should find a drop down menu with a “Apply as Ribbon ID” option :wink:
If you already find this parameter and it is still not working as intended, please take some video record of you effect, and screenshots of your emitters & modules. It would be far more easier to help you then !

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When I selected “Apply Sampled ID as Ribbon ID” it didn’t change anything, is there something I’m missing?

You should check this box on source emitter

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