How are these fire & smoke effects made?

Hi. I have been analyzing battlerite’s effects and was curious about ashka’s fire skills.
I’m guessing the fire and smoke of it is made through alpha erosion on mesh. Would this kind of effects achievable through alpha erosion? or do I need sprite texture animations?


Hey @HUN0!

Yes, these are achievable through alpha erosion heheheh

There are some topics in the forums talking about Battlerite’s VFX already, check it out!

Ah there WAS a thread! definitely gotta check it out! so it is achievable by mesh with distortion/alpha erosion, right?

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By the looks of it, it’s just two spheres using an erosion with varying smoothstep (hard edged for fire sphere, soft for smoke). The smoke may in fact just be a randomly sampled sprite sheet, but either method works (sphere or billboard).

image image image image

Also, a great way to quickly break down an effect is by using the GIF Scrubber plugin for Chrome. All ya gotta do is scrub the timeline back and forth. It’s helped me figure out how some really cool VFX work.



Thank you for the tips!