Hovl: Sketch #63

Hi everyone. I don’t have sci-fi effects in my portfolio and almost 0 experience with realistic sci-fi effects, so I will want to make something in this style. And of course the enemies knocked back from the hit.

Upd. Final result:


I already have many references of works that I like:

Next one:

Anyway, it’s not something new, there are a lot of similar effects or separate components:

I put these 2 works because I like them the most.

So I will made sci-fi monitor for targeting and explosions. But I want to do really unique sci-fi explosions.

Made a sci-fi monitor

Now I know what animation I want to use :smile:

Not this one, but I will find more realistic.

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Spent more time to make a screen

Empty space is for moving parts

I have this reference for explosion:
So I will try to do the same in EmberGen

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I use EmberGen game_explosion_1 as a base
Sparks lose a lot in quality if it is not a large texture, I think to do everything through blue smoke and the particle system.

I exported main channel and only emission channel to make a glow in photoshop using gaussian blur so the explosion will look good without any post processing

Started with basic shape of the ground explosion

Added lightning


Made my sci-fi monitor 3D and added target markers

Started to do a timeline.

Added scanning effects. It was simple to create. Just lines. Beauty in simplicity.


My final result:


Damb, the explosion looks so nice! Great job.

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Thank you. It’s 100+ attempts to render explosion texture.
I still remember the times when I used to render the explosion overnight in 3DS MAX FumeFX, and see the result in the morning. And now each render takes a couple of seconds in EmberGen :smile:

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Its looks so sick!! I just started getting into fx for game on unreal and this is so inspiring!!

Thank you. Every time I need to write something more to get 20 words

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Great work! I love the idea, and that explosion is niiiiice

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