Hovl: Sketch #16 WIP

Attention! In this post there are a lot of .gif with different VFX!
Hi, To create these effects, I needed to create such stylized textures, which I had never created before, it was hard…:sweat_smile:
New shield effect:

Second shield effect:


Looks great,
I think you should add some variations in the colors, and maybe add some motion in the end instead of just fading everything out.

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Thanks, I will try to do what you advised.

I slightly changed the color of the waves on the ground and added ending for shields. Also, the magic square is cut off with a circle at the end.

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Changed the color of the ground and trails. Added distortion.
Should I reduce the number of particles?


Cool work!
For the fade out, maybe each card could go a little bit up and then fall down really quickly? Each card with a slight time difference.

Thanks, this is an interesting idea, I’ll try to do it.

I would say for the amount of particles you’re seeing, it could be cheaper.

Mainly though the timing will be the bulk of tuning, is particularly linear as a few people have mentioned.

Depending on how you approach the timing I would look at bring parts of the effect in from different areas and or ways. For instance dissolving the ground emblem in, the cards coming out of the ring shape in the ground emblem rather than the center, etc

I would also layer the timing, so different parts happen at a different pace, even if it’s just staggered entry, exit stuff.

@Keyserito has uploaded some great videos on principles of VFX. He explains things really well and perhaps more articulately than me.

Hope that helps :grinning:

I made the appearance of the magic circle with the help of shock-wave and now the shields go a little bit up and then fall down really quickly. I also reduced the number of particles by half, reduced the noise speed on trails and changed their transparency. I don’t want to do anything with the shields for a lifetime, because I’m counting on the fact that this effect will be AOE skill and will work until mana runs out. For example, priest or mage AOE skills in Perfect World or blue shield skill with collider in ArcheAge.



I know his channel, he makes very useful videos.

Hi, I added some sparks with orbital velocity to my effect :grinning:

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Hey! Add more random and variable animations to the effect and it will be perfect!

Hi! Ok, I’m working on it.

The effects on the ground change their transparency over lifetime. My first version used summary ~1000 particles per second, now ~400.
Final version:


That’s a great jump in particle count. Do you think you could get it even cheaper.

I would suggest having the spiralling trails creation area growing up and out, rather than just appearing in that spot.

Also building to a crecendo, where the sheild builds and then disappears with direction and purpose. At the moment it feels like it just ends, like it was interrupted.

Thanks, but I can’t make even fewer particles. Initially there were many particles responsible for the distortion, I moved them a little to the center and replaced the texture and slightly increased the size (now ~4 per second). The number of particles for trails I reduced by changing the transparency and another noise texture that visually increased the size of the trails (now 30 per second). Now most of all spiral particles (~9 + ~340 sub emiters per second).

And about your last offers. I still planned it. The shields is interrupted due to lack of mana.

Hi, I created new shield effect :wink:


I think this effect better suits the definition of “shield”. All this is done in 1 day (~ 20 hours): textures, shaders and the effect itself. I named it “Super Divine Shield” able to repel any weapon in front. I was inspired by the paladin’s shield (Bless online). My God, how I like to make such effects! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Really love the multiple white heat/energy trails on this one <3

Wanting to create something similar by chance :stuck_out_tongue:
Still having a hard time setting mine even up though.

Any chance you could do a small breakdown of the effect? :3