Houdini + Unreal car explosion and burn

Hey everyone :smiley: It’s my first post here. Normally i only read but today i decided to post a vfx that I did last week in my spare time with all that i learned this last month of houdini+unreal self study
(thanks to the people that post awesome tutorials and breakdowns, I learned a lot thanks to you).
In my day to day I work has a generalist in mobile(unity), but i started to work at home in unreal and houdini to jump one day to consoles.
btw I made a brief breakdown of the project :slight_smile:



Good effort Pol, the smoke lighting seems to work well.

My critiques for improvement would be (timestamps for the first video):
@2secs the fire trail along the oil slick seems quite thick and not very fire like
It’s as if a fireball is floating along on top of the oil, rather than coming from the oil (fire would dissipate upwards, heat rising). Closest ref I could find…

@5secs There’s no debris coming from the explosion, this could add a good degree of realism

@5secs The explosion feels quite stylised currently with the smooth large shapes.

  • It needs some high frequency detail to sell the scale of it (check out some more reference of car explosions, there’s a lot of fire in the texture)

@7secs All the fire dissipates at the same time, try randomising the lifetimes a bit

@7secs The dissolve from the center of the particle is quite unrealistic, ideally the dissolve texture would be more like roiling fire (again, study some reference closer)… try to soften the dissolve method too, as the hard edge might not be helping here.


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Thanks for your feedback!
Im agree with all your points
I will try to improve and apply your feedback when i have more spare time next week
I think move the fire in the spline was a bad idea to simulate the propagation effect, I will try to take another approach.
Thanks for the reference

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Kris @Doggett I tried to apply your feedback, but Im having problems making appear the fire smoothly on the oil :confused:
is it possible made appear particles in a mesh but like spreading from a point ? using vertex colors or something?