HOUDINI / UNITY demoreel test

Hi guys, i would like to share you my new little test i made with Houdini and Unity. In this video, i used only one smoke spreadsheet i made in Houdini (simulation/render/atlas) and i created my particle animation in Unity 2017.

Thanks :slight_smile:


It’s so cool !!! How did you do this?

Yeah, really man! Tutorial?

I follow the tutorial of Andreas glad (partikelVFX). My problem was to find a way easier to make a smoke looping avoiding all process in photoshop, so in his tuto i found my solution. I passing a lot of time to make the correct simulation for having the right dense smoke for my cauldron FX but i’m happy with the result. The name of the tuto is HOUDINI VFX FOR GAMES on pluralsight. I hope it will help you

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Looks cool, how does it hold up when you rotate the camera?