Houdini to UE4 - Vertex Animation Texture UV FLUID

I’m creating a Fluid Simulation with a FLIP TANK(in Houdini 17.0.416), to be transformed into a mesh (export.FBX) and imported into Unreal Engine 4, through Vertex Animation Texture.
I would like to apply a color/diffuse texture in Unreal, but I can’t export the animated mesh UV.
Could someone tell me if it’s possible and, if affirmative, how should I set the export UV settings?


It’s not quite possible to add diffuse through UV in this case. The mesh doesn’t have any consistent topology: it’s vertices are moving around chaotically, with some triangles being scaled to 0, when not needed, and the next frame instatntly transposed to a new position to form, for example, a water drop.

What seems to be a consistent surface on the outside is actually a chaotic mess of jumping vertices on the inside, so there is no usable UV to speak of.

What you can do though is use triplanar texture projection, known as “World aligned texture” node in UE4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMbV4I4acaQ


In Additon I wonder if world projected Uv’s would also work in some use case :slight_smile:

If i understand you correctly, the thing you call world projected UV’s IS the triplanar projection. Basically, you use the vertices’s world position as UV coordinates, blending between 3 texture samples (one for every dimension) based on vertex normals.

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Yesss BUT I’m not using any blending based on vertex normal, so the projection Is constant using one texture hence why I mentioned in may only work in some use cases :)! So a essentially similar but simplified