Houdini to ue4 study


I will study Houdini for the production of game assets and upload the results.
This is the scene of the destruction I am working on.
I created the wall texture with the Substance Designer and created the destruction simulation and smoke in Houdini.

Feedback on the work is always welcome.


Adjust alpha timing during wall destruction, and I modified the wall texture scale.

I learned about constraints for while practicing dynamic.The statue is result.
Any critique and advice is welcome. Thank you.


cool :smile::smile::smile::smile:


Good Job. Looks awesome. Are you useing Niagara in UE4?


Thank you! Export of fbx used gamedev toolset. The smoke in cascade, and the animation actuation control was blueprint. I haven’t used niagara yet. After passing Houdini basic course, I will learn niagara for sure :laughing:


Would be nice to see some more brick like fracture - currently looks very generic voronoi would be nice to see something closer to real world :slight_smile: really nice work so far though!


I also think fracture in brick form will be more persuasive.
The next destruction will reflect your point. Thank you so much!


I think it looks really good!

Did you follow any particular guides/tutorials in order to set up the fracture simulation in Houdini?
At the moment i’m trying to set up something similar but i want to use my own sources to drive the destruction.


Destroy wall

uv, material setting, export -> ue4

I saw this lesson, I wanted to use change from passive to active when destroying statue. But houdini 17 does not work this way.

I achieve this by referencing to the example file of this page.

I hope it helps~:smile:


Super helpful!

That’s a lot of useful information, thanks a lot!