Houdini - the tutorials long resources list!

Without much introductions, here you go some of the interesting links within my library:

Will try to keep it updated, and if you’ve any recommendations, don’t hesitate to share :slight_smile:



I really appreciate you making this list for everyone, thanks you! Hope to go through all of these one day

Some of my game vfx focused Houdini things:


There are more coming, but not yet uploaded :slight_smile:
(Also, not a huge fan of FX Hive since he steals videos without permission, despite what he writes in the comments, and then monetizes the videos.)


Very nice,

do these have to be free?

Entagma is a good resouce as well:

Also Rohan Dalvi - has paid training but also some free stuff. On vimeo you can find videos where he basically recreates Mograph in Houdini. Stuff like that is great to learn the software.

For paid training there is Applied Houdini by Steven Knipping

Extremely great series!

And last but definitely not least is cgwiki page done by Matt Estela. It is a little written like a blog and a little loose, but the information in here is superb. Especially on VEX and Solver SOP. Im linking the VEX article here - but make sure to check others as well


which leads you to creating your own stuff in VEX. This thread really shows the power and simplicity of VEX. You can download the houdini files to check them out:

Really good stuff. Unfortunately there are not many books on Houdini. Here in Japan a pretty big book on VEX and SOPs will be released next week. Im really looking forward to it:


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here’s my little contribution to the Houdini community https://www.youtube.com/c/mixtraining
Tons of free videos for all levels

also as @Partikel said, FXHIVE shouldn’t be promoted in my opinion, they are making money with other peoples work and NO, they don’t have permission as they claim, as a creator as most of us here, it shouldn’t be promoted, even less at the top of the list. thank you.

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Well noted @varomix & @Partikel , I moved it to the bottom, strike it and added a note, but can’t totally remove it from the list as there are tons of people already visiting it, and using it. And anyone checking the post editing history would find it anyways.

My point here is, what if you got an X issue, and the first result in Google was a FXHive video, wouldn’t you watch the content ? I think if we need to fix that, we could report it to Youtube right away, but this is another topic we could discuss in another dedicated place.

Houdiniens, Thanks for the links, keep adding your candy and secret links :wink:


This is a collection of tutorials; not sure what they are worth, I have it on my list of many tutorials to check out and haven’t had a chance to browse through it yet.

Scroll down to find the really cool tuts:

It’s quite long a list. Would take me quite some time to go through it.

Just halfway through the list. You know what, you should submit some of these tutorials on hackr as well. They might like it. https://hackr.io/tutorials/learn-houdini

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Hackr has good stuff but I like them better for programming/coding stuff. This list was way more useful to helping me get started https://conceptartempire.com/houdini-tutorials/