Houdini 16 Launch - Games Tools

As some of you might’ve heard, Houdini 16 is out. And with that comes the launch of the new Games Tools, the spiritual successors to Steven Burrichter’s github tools.

This is going to be an ongoing effort with more tools rolling out hopefully pretty frequently with direct focus on making common workflows easier for people learning Houdini. The first set of tools shipped with H16 include Flow Maps, Normal Map Cops, Make Loop node, RBD>FBX exporter, Texture Sheet Renderer and the infamous Vertex Animation Textures.

Here are some videos to get you going. If you’re going to be at GDC stop by the booth or the training day for more details. Updates are already under way :smiley:

Here’s some more info on 16, it’s a incredibly massive release. It’s available today if you have an Indie license you should’ve gotten an email with instructions on how to update it.

And some videos on the tools themselves, also cover some basics like making fire and simple RBDs

Let me know if you have any questions!


All of this stuff sounds awesome! So excited to get started with some Houdini training soon :slight_smile:

Do any1 know how to exactly translate heightmap ,exported from UE4 landscape, to H16?

Nice update btw

I haven’t downloaded H16 so I haven’t tried the landscape tools. But here’s an old way of doing it, that could act as a startingpoint. Put down a highres grid. Hook it up to an attribfrommap where you read in the heightfield. Then put down a vop with a displace along normal hooked up. Let the color drive the amount.

Like this:


Great Work by the Side Effects Team!

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There’s a heightfield remap node that should do what you need it to, if that doesn’t do it there’s a heightfield transform :smiley:

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