Home office chair. Please share!

Hey folks!

It’s gonna be time to upgrade the chair in the home office soon. What chairs have you had the best experiences with?

It doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall, heavy or light, please hit me with your suggestions and it might help me or someone else! :slight_smile:


Been sitting on this one for a while. Feels nice, it’s one of the most known office chairs out there. Pretty cheap.

Here’s the one I might be getting soon, while somewhat expensive, people say it’s one of the most ergonomic chairs you can get your hands on!

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I looked at the Herman Miller back in May and also had a look and tested some Ikea chairs. I also went ahead and tested some chairs with high customization and I fell for a Swedish brand called Malmstolen.

I tested it along with a few other brands which I don’t quite remember but the main deal was, for me, who is quite tall - 193 cm, that I need a chair that supports my whole back and neck and this one really did the trick. The DUX seat was really soft and comfortable and the adjustable straps inside the back were very nice.

I’m a little worried about the arm rests but that will have to be tested during longer periods of time before I know if they’re good or not.

The re-seller I tested the chair at was talking about how different chairs have different purposes other than comfort and ergonomics. She told me about how some offices have chairs that have minimal or automatic customization because you’re not meant to sit on it for too long and you don’t really use the same chair but switch chairs all the time. And some chairs have a lot of customization because the chair needs to be customized to fit just you because you don’t switch chairs and you sit in it for long periods of time. For me, who’s stepping into my mid 30s, feel that these things are becoming more and more important and I found it very interesting to listen to.

I used to have some mild problems with my right wrist and now that I have my own office and manage my own hardware I went ahead and bought a ergonomic mouse which is tilted to untwist your lower arm and a tenkeyless keyboard to allow me to have my arms my straight forward rather than angled outwards because of lack of space. Yes, it did affect my typing speed for numbers, but it’s not that bad.

The current mouse:

It was a very cheap one ~20 euro and I’m looking to upgrade now that I’ve gotten used to the angle.

I ended up getting a Herman Miller Cosm. Feels awesome! One of the best decisions I took this year hahaha


That’s awesome @Lush! It’s an amazing chair! How are the arm rests? If you’re sitting in a t-shirt, how do they treat your elbows?

Sitting comfort really shouldn’t be underestimated!

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The arm rests are “leaf” type so they work like a charm, you just place your arms down and where they fall into is where they’re supposed to be.

Super high quality texture overall, feels fresh and comfy, not rough at all. The back and head support also works perfectly.

The way the chair is designed, literally avoids bad postures, it automatically rectifies your posture, it’s hard to describe. Back then I had a “gaming / racer” chair, and I found myself sitting in the weirdest of ways all the time.

Haven’t had a back pain since I got it, it even feels therapeutic and almost like a 0 gravity massage when you’re sitting on it properly.

It has a 12 years warranty, so if you break it or your cat destroys it, they will replace those pieces. But to be honest, I know people with super old herman millers that never happened to break and are still looking like they’re new.

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Sounds great! If I ever have the chance I’ll try one of those out.

Here’s my current chair in all its glory, btw:

It’s been like that for… well over 6 months. One could argue that I improved it by unlocking another axis to rotate the back around but I don’t know. :smiley:


I’ve had one of the standard DXRacer gaming chairs for ~5 years now, probably one of the best chairs I’ve used that also doesn’t cost too much (bought mine for ~250€). No back problems or anything since I got it. And so far I haven’t had any problems with it, except for the fake leather flaking but that’s to be expected.

I’d love to have a Herman Miller one day but the price for those have always been to high for me