HoldimProvae : Sketch #55


< Final stuff >

Hello, I came to sketch because I had spare time again.

(gameplay capture from Library of Ruina)

Library of Ruina is 2D style deck building strategy indie game from ProjectMoon studio.
The fanart I’m going to make is to reconstruct Remake Library of Ruina’s 2D sprite FX into ARPG style 3D FX.

( Consta from ‘Brotherhood of Iron’ )


I have previously created a 3D model and animation of Consta, one of the characters in Library of Ruina.

I was planned to make a VFX for this model someday, but I negleted it because I was working on something else. So it was being left unattended without knowing when it would start.

I think it’s the perfect time to use the animation asset for monthly Sketching.

The objectives of this sketch are summarized as follows.

<< Reconstruct Remake Library of Ruina Brotherhood of Iron faction’s 2D Card Actions into 3D FX action combo >>

  • C-charge Up!
    Buff Skill, power up subsequent attacks
  • E-endure
    deflecting damage defensive skill
  • B-blow It Up!
    point blank gunshot
  • D-dried Up
    Electric shock slash attack
  • C-chop It Off!
    Lacerate enemy with sawblade
  • Y-you Only Live Once!
    Ultimate Charge Skill

To be honest, I don’t know if I can complete it within the period. But I’ll do my best.

Currently, only the characters are standing alone without any FX, but I will update them one by one.



Small Progress,

The Consta model used the animation I made,
and the animation of the enemy mannequin used the animation created by Frank Climax.

I Reconstruct E-endure card Action.
Next, I’ll work on ‘B-blow it up!’ card Action.

I am planning to proceed with polishing after completing the whole thing.


Good job! I like the shield!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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More progress

( ‘B-blow it Up’ in Library of ruina )

Currently I working on ‘B-blow it Up!’ card Action
It’s still in progress, and the top priority is to make Hit Effect

Next high priority plan

  • Hit effect
  • D-dried Up
  • polishing previous actions
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Little progress.
I add hit effect, each hit fx will be customized and positioned appropriately.
and also, I’ll setting excessive refraction weaker later.

next step ::

  • D-dried up action
  • Polishing previous actions
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Reconstructed D-dried Up.
Electric shock slash attack

next, I’ll working on ‘C-charged Up’
weekend is coming, so I think I can make a lot of progress in my work.

next step ::

  • C-charged Up
  • Polishing previous actions

first of all, I reworked E-endure action.
because I wanna use Brotherhood of Iron ( one of faction in Library of Ruina ) Emblem


and over the weekend, I made ‘C-charged Up!’ action.

next plan ::

  • ’ C-chop it Off ! ’ action
  • Polishing Previous actions


this action is C-chop It off!
lot of bloody mass.
If I have some time left, I want to work on the bloody pool decal.

next priority plan ::

  • ‘Y-you Only Live Once!’ Ultimate skill action
  • Polishing previous actions



Small progress,
I tweaked endure fracture shape,
I made an animation in which the emblems of Brotherhood of iron were shattered with using Houdini RBD solver.

next priority priority plan ::

  • ‘Y-you Only Live Once!’ Ultimate skill action
  • Polishing previous actions

So much good stuff!
Keep it coming :slight_smile:

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As a result, the shape of the shield has changed a lot from the first shape :laughing:
I hope you like it

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Thanks! I will do my best within this month.
I’m interested in how far I can make it.

Currently I working on Ultimate skill,
I still have to refine the design, so I haven’t made any progress to reveal it,
Instead, I completed the decal design that leave on the ground after ultimate charging.

It looks like there’s not much time left, so I’ll try my best in left spare time.


Amazing stuff as always, really impressed with the quality and production speed.
You also made me interested in the game itself hahahaha

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Thanks!, I wanted to make fanart for indie games rather than games that are already well-known.
I’m also looking forward to how far I can work on it

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I finished Blockout for Ultimate Skill.
For the rest of the time, I’ll continue to test various designs and add elements one by one.

Next priority plan for ‘Y-you Only Live Once!’ ::

  • More IMPACT → most priority
  • More Decoration
  • Polishing Polishing Polishing

Plan after finishing Ultimate Skill Action

  • Polishing Previous Actions
  • Enemy Disintegration maybe?
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Still WIP. I’ve combined everything I’ve done so far.
I’m going to make a lot of modify to the last action.
I’ll update sooooon.

Next priority plan for ‘Y-you Only Live Once!’ ::

  • More Chain Curve
  • masking Chain
  • Soul coaster meshes
  • particles
  • lightning aftertaste

Plan after finishing Ultimate Skill Action

  • Polishing Previous Actions
  • Enemy Disintegration maybe?

Small Progress.

I Added more Chains and opacity masking, also redesign chain texture.
next, I’ll add particles, lightning, and more impact decorations.



This is ‘Y-you Only Live Once!’ Action.

I’ll polishing previous actions on remain time,


I Currently Polishing overall actions design.
Weekend is over, don’t have much time left,
so I plan to refine the design little by little while keeping the rest of the time at intervals.