HoldimProvae : Riot Contest 2023



Hello! I finalized my submission for Riot contest 2023,
I was actually only going to do the Artstation NeoTokyo Challenge,
but this opportunity was too good to pass up, so I thought I’d give it a try.

And every time I touched this VFX and closed the project file, I captured the result as a GIF. Below are those captures.

First Work.
Animation is not part of the judgement for this contest at all, but I just had to make this animation.
There’s no particular reason for this, it’s just that the inspiration for this VFX idea came from a raven’s head, and I thought it would be interesting if the projectile was also a raven’s head.

Second Work.
For this VFX, I took the palette of the Shadow Isles from the League of Legends universe.
I wanted the projectiles that generate the Indicator in the Casting stage to have an image of a spirit or ghost.

Third Work.
Climax impact.
I decided it would be interesting if the explosion also took the form of a Raven head.

So I modeled a bunch of curves as a Raven head and impacted them with a Texture Offset.

Fourth Work.
I Polished casting projectiles with more smooth texture.
I also added some Raven feather debris for dissipation aftertaste.

Fifth Work.
More Polish, at this point, I added some Wave Meshes to create a connection between the Casting Projectile and the Indicator.

and this is my finalized version.
I worked on the indicator last, and to be honest, it’s my favorite element.

Actually, there were more things I wanted to fix,
but I’m running out of time as I’m working on other things, so I wrap it up here

Now I’m going to go back to work on the NeoTokyo challenge.


This is super good, congrats!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’m feels good to get work done.

I only just saw this now. Your work is incredible!

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