Hits and projectiles made in Unity

I uploaded these effects to the Asset Store a week ago. It took me 2 months of continuous work to complete them. I don’t know if I did correctly that I called the asset “AAA …”. Just friends advised me to do so. I hope you enjoy the effects and I would like to hear your opinion on them.

WebGL demo: SIMMER.io

I also plan to make lasers and AOE skills in the same style.
Here is one of the lasers I made in freelancing a long time ago:


Very nice work @Hovl!

The orb projectiles were a bit weird but other than that, stellar work. The demo was fun as well :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks! I just want to add something epic to the end. It’s look like Nova bomb from Destiny 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIsZRosddw8