Hey! I've been looking on how to do this effect inside of Unreal, take a look!

Hello everyone first post around here!

So I’ve been tryign to make this exact effect with a mesh moving and SCALING (biggest problem for me rn) along a spline inside of Unreal 5.

I know this is possible with a Ribbon Renderer but I’m looking to have a mesh approach similat to the one in the video.

As I say, one of my main problems is on how to scale the mesh along the spline so it has some delaw when it follows the trail.

Thank you so much to all! Hoping to get some answers!


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I made a project a while ago where I move meshes along splines and scale them. Maybe it helps. You can even download my whole project (link in description): https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BmN5G6

I think the WPO for the liquid material should do part of the trick.

One of my main concerns is the way the video handles the mesh size as it streches and bends from start to finish. I don’t know if this would be possible with a mesh inside of Unreal.

Either way I’ll keep testing things and I’ll post under this thread some of the solutions I might find.
Either way thank you so much!