HELP with a unity3d extension for VFX

Hi the most awesome community in the milkyway,

I really need your help with something.
I am working on a unity extension for my master’s project. This project is a tool to help prototype/create VFX … while the extension is in unity the concept can be really applied anywhere. but whether the concept is helpful or not. it’s up for you to decide.

For my thesis and for validating my results, I need to collect feedback from game developers/VFX artists. And (I have a really tight deadline to do that :scream::sob::cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved: ).

I will be very grateful if you can watch the video to check my project … and then leave your honest feedback about it in this google form:

If google asked you to login. it will be just to validate one answer per person. nothing else. I don’t collect any personal data. and they are just 6 questions about the extention.

And I would really like to hear your feedback personally and whether if there’s anything I can add … or if you think it’s completely useless I would still like to know that.

Please be easy with me on the visual effects aspect. I am still new to visual effects. so the visual effects I create in the video are just to demo how the system. these are differnt techniques I learned from you guys and implemented as part of my system so that it can be combined, composed and customized.

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