Help needed on using Niagara's event handler with flipbooks

Hi there. I am trying to make a couple of rocks fly out of an explosion with fire on them. The fire is created using a flipbook however when I try to use the event handler to make sure that when the rocks fly out, the fire moves along with them, I get this weird ribbon movement following behind.

From the images I have attached I am generating a location event in the rocks emitter and receiving that event in the fire emitter. The values I have entered for the event handler and receive location event are there too. Any suggestions on how to get it right would be very much appreciated.

This is how the effect is with my settings, having this ribbon-like effect following behind the fire

Screenshots of my settings

Also attached is a video close to how I would want the fire to behave with the particles but unfortunately, for this one, it spawns on only one of the rock particles. For this one, the execution mode is ‘every particle’ not ‘spawned particles’


I just want every rock particle to have a fire on it without the ribbon effect behind it. Suggestions on how to get it working right are needed and welcomed.