Help me Unreal engine Animation Mesh

Hello !
i have just studied about unreal engine and niagara systerm , but i have a problem about animation mesh ? please help me!

01/ how can i attach multi animation meshs together with different skeletal mesh . i have 3 meshes with animation which is created by blender ( fbx) , how can i add and edit this meshes ( with animation ) simultaneously , can i do it with niagara system?.
at time 01:09 , there are two dragons animation meshes attach with effect as niagara , please help me how can i do like that ?

Thank you very much

What i am understanding you want to two different animation with single mesh or skeletal. When ypu importing second animation there will be a window for import setting where you can choose existing skeletal.

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wow Thank you very much about rely on me
I love your channel in youtube , ,
i studied alot skills from your videos , I love and admire you

So my problem is :

i have one animation mesh ( fbx , blender ) with skeletal mesh number one
i have another animation mesh (( fbx , blender )) with another skeletal mesh number two

there are different meshes with different animation and skeletal

i have animation charracter mesh with raise hand ( example paragon mesh with animation)
i have dragon mesh with animation flying

how can i attach animation dragon mesh to animation charracter mesh when he raise his hand ?

when i use animation composite , i cannt add animation dragon mesh to the animation charracter mesh.

With you tutorial in youtube : at time 11:17

you used : p_attack_spiral ( cadasa emiter particle) .your spiral mesh is static mesh without animation , if i want to replace your spiral static mesh to animation mesh ( as dragon animation mesh flying) , how can i do it?

02/ with niagara system

  • with render option is mesh Render : i see they only use static mesh without animation . how can i use animation mesh ?

Thank you very much .

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