Help: How to tile/stretch Noise?

I want to use Noise as a Light Function with the Sun. But the original Noise is too blooby - I want to stretch it.
How to wire it - so stuff so far works as well as the tile/stretch ?

Hi Lyubomir,
If I get what you’re trying to do, you want to non-uniform scale the Noise. The Noise position input is looking for a 3 vector input (XYZ) and your ‘Tile of the Noise’ is only 2 vectors (XY). Your ‘Size of noise’ works because it uniform scales all 3 vectors. Here is how you can scale X Y Z independent of each other.

Hope I understood what you were trying to do and this helps.


Thank you so much! Exactly this is what I was looking for!
I found another little weird solution to stretch/squash the noise though: