[help] how to convert particle system to png seq

Hi all, my current project facing problem.
they need to change all the particle system into sprite sheet.
As you know, it very hard to redo again because of mesh / transparent problem.
is that any way can capture those particle and have tranparent background?
direct capture is very hard, if u set black background, mean you will lose black color etc.

It is possible. You would have to setup a rendering system in your game engine which renders into png (or any other format) saving into the alpha channel. This won’t be possible with screen capture software, it will have to be an in-engine solution.

ohhh…it out of my knowledge.
meaning need engineer to set up a render system?
mean cant find any solution here. ahhh

I believe any programmer with the teenieniest amount of experience with render textures should be able to help you out. Unless you’re on your own then you can check out Render to Texture techniques (if you are using Unity or Unreal that is).