Help baking vertex animation 🙃

So I’m using Unreal’s provided vertex animation script to bake a destruction sim from Max to UE4, however I get a bake error because of different vertex count.

Each destructible mesh is its own piece.

I’ve been able to export it using Alembic however it is a very chunky filesize and also crashed multiple times so I’d prefer doing it using Vertex animation instead of this way. Any help on this issue would be very much appreciated. :upside_down:

You mention that each destructible mesh is its own piece, but did you check your vertex count during the whole simulation?
If not, there are simulations where your 3D app generates more vertices over time, those type of simulations can’t be baked down afaik (maybe if you put every vertex location that isn’t used to 0,0,0). I’m not a Max user, but I’m sure people will be able to help if you add how you fractured those mesh pieces.

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Ah thanks for the input Ninjin. I used Maya plugin pulldownit for the actual destruction then I baked and exported it as FBX into 3DS Max because the vertex animation plugin by unreal only works in Max.

You’re totally right about the vertex count during the whole simulation!!! It ends up going from 38k verts at the start to 29k verts at the end. This is my first destruction sim / vertex animation in general so if there’s a better way to do this I’d really appreciate it.