Have a problem wih Hit Impact in Unreal

I’m a doing Gabriel Aguiar tutorial for projectiles. It comes with a blueprint ready for testing. In the tutor fireball fly to the wall and explodes upon hitting it.
How ever, when I try o use said BP all of my 3 systems fire off instanly a the same time.
[https://youtu.be/aRWxRl_auUY](Big explosion on the left should happen at the right, after the wall hit)
Said tutor is kinda old, so I think the problem is in UE version difference. I use 4.26 and have no idea how to make it work.
I can force impact with offset and delay, but it kills the purpose.

Maybe some thing with collision settings?

In Gabriel’s Marketplace Assets, all the Projectiles have an muzzle burst and a hit burst.
See: https://youtu.be/HTZcefjbK8M?t=85

I think you are talking about the Udemy course. This course is updated for 4.25.
I booted it up in 4.26 it the hit effect doesn’t spawn. Probably because some modules are deprecated.

The BP logic works fine (everything else: screenshake, Actor destruction still happen), you can for example insert the muzzle particle system into the VFXHit Niagara and then it should look like intended.
But beware that the Particle system still have errors due to version differences.

Yes, It is Udemy course.
What should I do in this situation?
Should I rebuild a showcase room/BluePrint?

There’s a QA section in Udemy where you can post this and where I’m more active. Plus, you can search existing questions and get solutions.

For this specific problem, the easiest solution for now is to roll back to 4.25 or 4.24 while I look for a solution.

Tnx. Will do.
Great course, I learned from it.

Send me a message via Udemy so I can let you know when I find a solution.

Found the solution. On the BP_GAP_Projectile go to Event Graph and in the Event BeginPlay connect a Set Active node with target set to Hit Niagara and uncheck the New Active parameter. Just like below:

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Yes, It helped. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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