Harry "HAlis" Alisavakis: Sketch #25 Root



Hi there! I finally decided to participate in a monthly sketch instead of just watching the entries from afar!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that was intrigued by the “Root” option of the sketch, and certainly not the first!

However, this theme gave me the opportunity to try a shader I wanted to implement for a while now, very much inspired by Gil Damoiseaux’s relevant work!

So I first started by creating the root shader with pretty promising results!
I’m now posting the proof of concept for the shader and, since I made the first post and probably won’t chicken out, I’ll keep updating on the effect and posting implementation approaches and breakdowns!

Let’s see how it goes!

Edit #1:
Found a nice reference for what I want to do, in Malfurion’s Entangling Roots spell from Heroes of the Storm. What I mostly like about this one is the way the effect spreads and how it conveys that the effect is happening in a particular area (so enemy players can possibly avoid it).


Very cool :grinning:
Did you start with a sketch or you already know where you’re going ?


I usually figure stuff out as I go ^^" I’ll do more research on relevant effects later (and post the resources here) to draw some inspiration, but for now I don’t have any specific direction


ok thanks, good luck on this one :slight_smile:


hi i’m newbie so can you please show breakdown of your work especially animating roots i don’t know how to get that animation in game engine


I will post implementation details along with the updates so you’ll get to see how the whole effect works! The basic idea however is that I just move a value from the shader that changes the appearance of the mesh. The trick is that the roots are curved cylinders (with the same thickness everywhere) and the shader just hides part of the mesh and shrinks a smaller part before the cutoff to a pointy end, so basically the mesh is actually there all the time, but I just hide it via shader.


Thank you! sir, I found your answer very helpful, as well as waiting to see your updates :grinning: